Admission / Independent external evaluation

List of documents for admission to full-time and part-time study

in specialty 151 – Automation and computer-integrated technologies

When submitting documents to the admission commission, the appointees personally submit the application in the appropriate form, which specifies a specialty indicating the form of study.

The applicant adds:

  • a certificate on full secondary education and a certificate of external independent assessment (when entering the 1st year);
  •      diploma of junior specialist with an appendix (for senior courses);
  •      medical certificate in the form 086 – O (with an excerpt from the vaccine);
  •      6 photos in the size of 3×4 cm;
  •      a copy of the employment record certified by the place of work (subject to availability);
  •      copy of passport ;
  •      a copy of the identification code;
  •      documents certifying change of surname (if necessary).

WARNING! The passport and documents that grant the right to benefits are granted by the entrant PERSONALY.

Registration of participants is held at the representations of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment. The Information and Consultation on registration issues in the external economic activity operates in the admission committee of the KrNU. Prepare for university studies, improve your knowledge and improve the results of external independent evaluation in the future, after completing your training at university preparatory courses. Persons who have completed higher education institutions of І-ІІ level of accreditation (colleges, technical schools) according to the chosen training direction are accepted for a shorter term of studying. The form of entrance exam is a professional interview.

All those wishing to enter the 1st year must undergo an independent assessment of knowledge. Detailed information on the sites:

Registration Center in Kremenchuk 3-20-02.


SPECIALTY 151 – “Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies”

Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics, history of Ukraine or physics

All 1 st year students coming from other cities are housed in the KrNU dormitories.

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