Ogar Vita

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Associate Professor

born 1980, Ukraine

In 2002, she graduated from the Kremenchug State Polytechnic University, specializing in Electromechanical Automation Systems and Electric Drives. In 2009 she defended her Ph.D. thesis on the topic: “Characteristics of asynchronous motors when changing the properties of steel”. The main direction of scientific activity – energy processes in electrical devices and electromechanical systems, taking into account the nonlinear properties of the magnetic system. In KrNU works since 2002 on the position of assistant of the Department of Systems of automatic control and electric drive, and since 2009 – an associate professor of this department. Since 2009 she has been acting as deputy director of educational, methodological and pedagogical work of the Institute of Electromechanics, energy saving and control systems.

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