Educational laboratory of the theory of automatic control and simulation of electromechanical processes and systems (room 2304)


The Laboratory of Theory of Automatic Control and Modeling of Electromechanical Processes and Systems is intended for studying the principles of the theory of automatic control for linear and nonlinear systems; methods of mathematical modeling of electromechanical processes and systems; modes of operation of electromechanical systems in accordance with the training of specialists in the areas of “Electromechanics” and “System engineering”.

Laboratory of the theory of automatic control and modeling of electromechanical systems is located on the 3rd floor of the educational building № 2 KrnU them. M. Ostrogradsky

Also in the 2304 auditorium there is a scientific and technical library, which has about a thousand copies of technical books and journals in electromechanics and about 700 electronic versions of books.

The laboratory is equipped with a security alarm system and video surveillance system.

Laboratory plan 2304




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