Educational laboratory of systems and means of technological processes of control and installations (room 2105 b)


The laboratory of systems and means of control of technological processes and installations includes a computer class with modern computers, eight stationary laboratory stands:

  •     Computerized laboratory complex for research of intelligent digital control systems;
  •     computerized software and hardware complex for the study of embedded control systems based on the programmable relay “moeller”;
  •     computerized laboratory stand for the research of industrial automation;
  •     computerized laboratory stand for research of modes of compulsory cooling of electric machines;
  •     computerized laboratory blower control unit;
  •     computerized laboratory bench for the study of fire and security alarm systems;
  •     computerized research stand on the study of steel properties of blood pressure;

seven prenosnyh booths:

  •     laboratory complex for the study of operational amplifiers «OpAmp»;
  •     laboratory complex for study of digital filtering procedures «DSK 6713»;
  •     laboratory stand for the study of microprocessor systems «EVR8031»;
  •     laboratory stand for the study of microcontroller systems “PІCDEM 2 PLUS”;
  •     Laboratory stand on the basis of the industrial controller SegneticsSMH 2G with dispatch control capabilities;
  •     booth-simulator of the control object “Smart Home. Lighting”;
  •     Training and laboratory complex on the base of “LEGOMINDSTORMS”.


Location of laboratory benches in the laboratory



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